Franchise Enquiry Form


A)  Why Parrot Kids Franchisee

  • Low investment.
  • High ROI Upto 200%
  • Fast Break-Even.
  • No need of any technical qualification and past experience.
  • Requires only few hours of the day.
  • Owning and operating is easy.
  • Easy to setup with the Parrot Kids assistance.
  • Social Status as Educationist in the society.
  • Demand for quality Preschool education will never diminish.
  • Scope for expansion and diversification in the near future.

B)Our Requirements

  • Minimum Carpet area 1800 - 3000 Sq ft. preferably on ground floor.
  • An Initial investment of Rs 7-12 lakhs (as per city and location).
  • Qualified manpower willing to excel in the education sector.
  • Comprehensive training programs for each level- Director, counsellor and teacher which will help in operating Parrot Kids and implementing our business model and curriculum.
  • For detail information, you can speak to our representative at +91 8709770056 or mail us at [email protected]



As we stand on the threshold of exponential growth, you as our franchisee business partner will be a part of our large PARROT KIDS family where our 5-Tier Support System will ensure mutual growth and success.

1) Personalised Support

  • Dedicated assistance by the Business Development Manager who is the contact point for day-to-day queries and will work with you for the set up and operations of your pre-school
  • Assistance in procuring materials such as equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardised specifications
  • Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of IT hardware, software and systems
  • Supply of admission kit, student kit and forms, formats and templates to help establish systems and processes in your pre-school

2) Recruitment & Training

  • Parrot Kids Partner Orientation to educate you on our philosophy, approach, curriculum, operational practices, staff hiring, IT system, finance, quality assurance, marketing and customer service
  • Constant support in identifying and recruiting qualified staff
  • Comprehensive teacher training program on curriculum, setting up the environment and documentation conducted at regular intervals

3) Marketing Guidance

  • Guidance in marketing and promoting your pre-school with campaigns for launch and ongoing enrollment-building programs
  • Access to professionally developed advertising, promotional, marketing and communication material including artworks and publicity material
  • Advice on planning, implementation and reviewing the marketing plan
  • Unique parental involvement initiatives and event plans resulting in healthy community relations and brand awareness

4) Academic Research & Development

  • Cutting-edge, broad and balanced curriculum, which is continuously researched and updated
  • Regular interactions with Academic, Research and Development teams
  • Process manuals for morning assembly, outings, activities, celebrations, annual day, sports day, excursions and other events
  • Continuous monitoring system to ensure quality

5) Systems and Quality Control

  • Provide manuals, IT and administrative systems for running the pre-school
  • Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience