Franchise Enquiry Form


A)  Why Parrot Kids Franchisee

  • Low investment.
  • High ROI.
  • Fast Break-Even.
  • No need of any technical qualification and past experience.
  • Requires only few hours of the day.
  • Owning and operating is easy.
  • Easy to setup with the Parrot Kids assistance.
  • Social Status as Educationist in the society.
  • Demand for quality Preschool education will never diminish.
  • Scope for expansion and diversification in the near future.

B)Our Requirements

  • Minimum 1800 - 3000 Sq ft.
  • Carpet area on ground floor.
  • An Initial investment of Rs 10-15 lakhs (as per city and location).
  • Qualified manpower willing to excel in the education sector.
  • Comprehensive training programs for each level- Director, counsellor and teacher which will help in operating Parrot Kids and implementing our business model and curriculum.
  • For detail discussion, you can speak to our representative at 8210717471 or mail us at


As we stand on the threshold of exponential growth, you as our franchisee business partner will be a part of our large PARROT KIDS family where our 5-Tier Support System will ensure mutual growth and success.

1) Personalised Support

  • Dedicated assistance by the Business Development Manager who is the contact point for day-to-day queries and will work with you for the set up and operations of your pre-school
  • Assistance in procuring materials such as equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardised specifications
  • Advice on installation, maintenance and upgradation of IT hardware, software and systems
  • Supply of admission kit, student kit and forms, formats and templates to help establish systems and processes in your pre-school

2) Recruitment & Training

  • Parrot Kids Partner Orientation to educate you on our philosophy, approach, curriculum, operational practices, staff hiring, IT system, finance, quality assurance, marketing and customer service
  • Constant support in identifying and recruiting qualified staff
  • Comprehensive teacher training program on curriculum, setting up the environment and documentation conducted at regular intervals

3) Marketing Guidance

  • Guidance in marketing and promoting your pre-school with campaigns for launch and ongoing enrollment-building programs
  • Access to professionally developed advertising, promotional, marketing and communication material including artworks and publicity materia
  • Advice on planning, implementation and reviewing the marketing plan
  • Unique parental involvement initiatives and event plans resulting in healthy community relations and brand aware

4) Academic Research & Development

  • Cutting-edge, broad and balanced curriculum, which is continuously researched and updated
  • Regular interactions with Academic, Research and Development teams
  • Process manuals for morning assembly, outings, activities, celebrations, annual day, sports day, excursions and other events
  • Continuous monitoring system to ensure quality

5) Systems and Quality Control

  • Provide manuals, IT and administrative systems for running the pre-school
  • Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience