About Parrot Kids Play School

''Parrot Kids'' is the brand name of Parrot Kids Education Pvt. Ltd.(A Delhi Based Pre-School Chain) which has been established to promote Pre-School education across India through its franchisee network. The purpose of education at Parrot Kids is to transform the inborn capabilities into an actuality. The creative energies of children through dance, drama, music, arts & crafts, activities, games, sports, outings, celebrations, explorations, contests etc help to develop their hidden talent. The expertise team at Parrot Kids is working day and night to keep pace with the rhythm of the fast changing time and changing environment by doing innovative research on curriculum designing, parenting guidelines, upholding innovations and being ever ready to give new inputs wherever necessary.

The most valuable investment that the parents can make in their life is the right selection of a preschool for the overall development of their child as this is the initial stage of learning.


To help growing minds grow in a child-friendly habitat for the comprehensive progress of a child.


To bestow the children with a strong foundation for comprehensive, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development.

Daily Activity

Parrot Kids daily games and activities play a major role in the all round development of children. Be it development of sensory motor skills or cognitive development or adjustment in peer group, preschool daily games and activities triggers of the learning process in a constructive way.

Our Teachers

Parrot Kids Teachers are not just teachers but are surrogate mothers for your little princes and princesses thereby making our Parrot Kids, a second home for your wards. Parrot Kids Preschool Teachers are carefully recruited after rigorous interview sessions and are also provided with on the job training programmes so as to keep abreast with latest technology, innovative teaching techniques and joyful learning activities.